We actually spent a lot of time working to get the perfect list of songs together for our soundtrack. Every track was hand-picked and selected for a very specific reason. Ultimately, our relationship is to point to Christ, and we wanted to include songs that reflected our love for each other, but even more than that, songs that speak to Christ’s love for the Church, His bride.

We also wanted to include songs and artists that people might not recognize. We figured that since we were embracing the radical, anti-wedding concept, we should avoid picking the predictable, sappy love songs that are typically associated with weddings. So, sorry to disappoint, but you won’t find "When a Man Loves a Woman" or "The Way You Look Tonight" on this CD.

The first 50 folks will receive their very own copy of our original Wedding Soundtrack. We hope you enjoy!

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1. I Got You Train
2. Something Beautiful NeedtoBreathe
3. Hold Us Together Matt Maher
4. Head Over Heels (In This Life) Switchfoot
5. Story of Love Mandi Mapes
6. Let Us Love NeedtoBreathe
7. By Your Side Tenth Avenue North
8. Light up the Sky The Afters
9. Marry Me Train
10. Blink Revive
11. When I'm With You JJ Heller
12. Always Switchfoot
13. Let the Waters Rise MIKESCHAIR
14. Washed by the Water (Acoustic) NeedtoBreathe
15. Hold Me Jamie Grace