David Platt of The Church at Brook Hills

There’s this little orange book entitled Radical. And it was this book that inspired the concept for which we seek to model our entire wedding. The radical concept is an idea that we were created for far more than a nice, comfortable Christian spin on the American dream; an idea that we were created to follow One who demands radical risk and promises radical reward. Ultimately, this concept calls for radical abandonment to the will of Christ in our lives.

As we’ve tried to apply this concept in our daily lives, we have seen God’s faithfulness. He takes our small sacrifices and multiplies them for His glory. That being said, we have the typical opportunity to have a wedding in a church flooded with flowers, food, and designer dresses, along with a host of other expenses. But we figured why not model our wedding radically? Why stop at tithing and mission trips when we can demonstrate our obedience by embracing a radical celebration that ultimately points to Him?

No thousands of dollars spent on registries full of fine china, or flowers, ornaments, bands, or venues. But rather, a modest affair that highlights our gratitude for the One who brought us together. While we don’t expect or anticipate an entire wedding for free, we simply don’t want to waste the resources God has entrusted to us on glamorous bells and whistles that ultimately amount to nothing more than stuff. Our goal is to avoid the temptation to embrace all of the shiny and unnecessary parts of the usual festivities, and instead focus on a much more Christ-centered event.

So join us. Come be a part of the radically un-wedding wedding! We would love for you to share this day with us as we celebrate God’s plan for our life together.