Radical Location: Trull Farm in Samantha, Alabama

How is the location of the wedding “radical” you might ask? Well, it’s a radical location because the cost to rent the place comes in at a big fat ZERO DOLLARS. And not only is the price tag right up our ally, but we really like the owners. Not to mention, we can have the wedding ceremony and the reception in one place. Win-Win-Win.

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The Trull family includes the mother of the groom, Trish, her husband (who happens to be named Phillip as well), and their three girls Hannah, Vivi, and Tessa. This sweet family has so graciously agreed to allow us to celebrate our wedding day at their home. Countless hours have been spent to prepare the perfect place for the big event. We feel truly blessed for access to such a beautiful location. And for those who are curious, it really is a farm; they have the horses to prove it!

The ceremony will take place outdoors on the lawn in front of the lake, and the reception that follows will also be enjoyed outside under the stars. In the event of rain, we will put our “we like it just as much as Plan A” Plan B into action. We are determined to keep our guests (at least the guests we like) dry, so there’s no need to worry. We simply suggest that you dress comfortably for an outdoor wedding; ladies, you might want to leave the stilettos at home, and guys, if you don’t want to wear a coat and tie, you certainly don’t have to.

For more important information - including what you should wear, what food will be there, and more detailed directions - check out the Things To Know page!