Videography and Video Production

Whether a cinematic production or aerial videography, from planning and shooting to post-production...
Phillip Sanford

Freelance Videographer
in Birmingham, Alabama

No other creative medium has quite the same impact as video. Whether it's a promotional ad for a commercial product or an emotionally cinematic wedding film, video has a unique and powerful way of telling a story and capturing an audience.

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some pretty cool people and I've had some great opportunities when it comes to being mentored by the best in the business. And having a background in photography made the learning curve of creating beautifully impactful videos much easier.

In 2012, I was working my day job, and when I noticed the disappointingly low standards of their video production quality, I knew something needed to be done. I wasn't a videographer, but I knew – despite that – I could put together something that looked much better. So with my own camera and a couple of lenses, I shot what became my first professional video promo.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to shoot and produce countless other production quality videos from high-profile interviews to captivating aerial videography.

— Video Portfolio —

Gender Reveal

"For the gender reveal of our second baby, my wife takes a 125 yard shot across a lake at a 3 inch target of 2.5 lbs. of Tannerite and 5 lbs. of holi powder. The result is explosive!"

If you were at the reveal, you know we shot multiple times at this target and didn't exactly get the result we wanted. The next day, however, we setup again, re-shot (guns and footage) and was ultimately able to create this.

DCB Elite Academy and Danielle Cox Brock

"The NSR Softball Combine Series offers testing and evaluation by professional collegiate scouts, and provides an opportunity for athletes to learn more about the recruiting process while gathering accurate metrics."

After spending a windy February morning shooting on-location with winds near 20mph, both audio sources were all but lost. So instead of patching together a sub-par product, I shifted everything to motion-graphics and text. This was the outcome.

Alabama Offensive Lineman, Bradley Bozeman

"See what University of Alabama Alum, and 2-time National Champion, Bradley Bozeman had to say about his experience walking through the recruiting process as a National Scouting Report athlete."

This was one of the first interviews I shot with the Sony A7RIII. Aside from an audio snafu with a lav mic, footage turned out really well. Stacked up against an accompanying Canon 7D with a 50mm prime, the Sony absolutely put the Canon to shame in every aspect.

"Last Chance U's" Brittany Wagner

"Breakout star of Netflix's "Last Chance U", Brittany Wagner partners with National Scouting Report as Official Academic Counselor."

On an incredibly tight timeline from an otherwise impromptu meeting, the entirety of this video was shot in just over 2 hours, with a 3-camera setup and drone at Thompson High School, located in Birmingham Alabama.

God's Faithfulness

"We're the Sanford's and this is our story of God's love and faithfulness in the midst of homelessness, miscarriages, and medical disaster."

My wife Allison and I shot this video in 2016 chronicling several years of challenges and trials we'd faced. Using a two camera setup with 2 Kino Flo light banks, plus a key light, I shot this over the course of two days from the living room of our home.

Blitz Combine [Promo Video]

"National Scouting Report's Blitz Combine Series is a high school football combine that travels the country, measuring athletes and their ability to be potential college prospects."

This was my first production promo for NSR. With a limited budget and one morning to shoot, we ran a 3-man crew with a 5-camera setup (including a DJI drone and GoPro). It was also my first time to color grade and work extensively with audio in post.

Celebrating Passing the CPA Exam

"After 8 months, Allison Sanford finally passes the CPA exam and celebrates in epic fashion."

When my wife finally passed the CPA exam, we decided to put together a video to surprise her family. Filming was done in two afternoons, at two locations, but pyrotechnics presented a whole new set of challenges. The box being shot wasn't actually shot by her, and it didn't actually have the CPA exam books in it, but gasoline and half-pound of Tannerite instead.

Roger CPA - a California based company - contacted us shortly after we posted the video, requesting permission to share via social media, but between our correspondence, the San Bernardino shooting happened and they cancelled.

The Making of Our Christmas Card

"My wife, Teague the Weimaraner, and myself prepare and shoot our 2015 Christmas card."

We try to go the extra mile for our family's Christmas card every year. In 2015, we aimed to replicate - in a unique way - the 1983 film, "A Christmas Story". This is the footage collected from what it looked like to make that card.

The AFCA Convention

"Several NSR scouts from around the country converge on the 2016 American Football Coaches Association in San Antonio, Texas to meet and discuss team needs."

While working for NSR, I often had to travel all over the country shooting promo videos. After a full day in San Antonio, I jumped on a plane and in the time it took to fly to Phoenix, I was able to put together this video with now Sports Director, Chuck Howard... just in time to watch the Tide roll over Clemson in the 2016 National Championship game.

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